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Special Terms and Conditions
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for mileage posting.
  • Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Any return, exchange or other adjustment may result in your purchase being deemed ineligible for reward.
  • In our sole discretion, we may deduct Contributions from your Dividend Miles Account in order to make adjustments for returns and cancellations with respect to Qualifying Purchases. In the event that you have redeemed a Contribution from your Dividend Miles Account and subsequently reverse the transaction with KichlerLightingShop.com that generated such Contribution, or otherwise are required to return the Contribution to KichlerLightingShop.com pursuant to the terms of the applicable offer, you will remain solely responsible for the repayment of the Contributions credited from such purchase. In the event you fail to repay such amount, we reserve the right to take any and all legal action necessary to collect the reward amount from you, including but not limited to pursuing such claim in a court of law, employing a debt collection agency or reporting such claim to a credit reporting agency.
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